This is every post I’ve ever published, in reverse chronological order.


January: Can All-Inclusives be Sustainable Travel Options?


December: Five Winter Activities in Ontario
November: Visiting Los Llanos, Venezuela: What to Expect
November: How to Choose an Ethical Voluntourism Company
October: What’s it Like to Volunteer to Teach English Abroad?
October: Why I Don’t Like Venice, Italy
October: 3 Toronto-Area Fall Activities
October: How To Be A TEFL Teacher With No Degree
September: 5 Times Travel has Changed Lives
September: How To Visit the Scarborough Bluffs (Kinda)
September: Why You Should Visit St. Augustine, Florida
August: Why I Regret My Camel Safari in Pushkar, India
August: How to Visit Merida, Venezuela
July: 3 Ways to Get Your Adrenaline Fix in Merida, Venezuela
July: Los Llanos, Venezuela in Photos
July: Want to Travel but Scared to Go Solo?
May: Packing List: What to Wear in India
May: So You Want to be a TEFL Teacher
April: Merida, Venezuela: The Most Underrated Travel Destination
April: That Time I Got Heatstroke at the Taj Mahal
April: About Me: Top 5 Reasons I Love to Travel